A full laundry service is provided for residents of the Assisted Living home, and for the residents of self catering units, an additional laundry service is also available on request. The fee is quite reasonable and using the service is a great convenience.

*Please ensure ALL clothes brought into the home is labelled. We can only handle “wash ‘n wear” clothing. We will not be responsible for the care or washing of materials that may be sensitive to shrinkage or any other special washing/drying needs.


We have an intimate understanding of the unique needs of the elderly and we’re trained to deal with crises, medical needs, and even the comfort, care, and social needs of your loved ones.

With a simple push of a button, notifying our team, who are on stand-by to assist no matter the emergency.

Ambulances provide emergency medical and transport services transporting patients from the home to hospital. A manned vehicle is also available 24/7 in the event of medical emergencies.


The closest private medical facility, Life Wilgers Hospital , is only 25 minutes away. A modern facility with amenities required for treatment of most illnesses. We also have access quick access to the government hospital in Bronkhorstspruit town.

We pride ourselves on providing patients with modern ambulances along with a friendly professional service. Our non-emergency patient transport service is used by hospitals, clinics as well as private patients. Just tell us where you need to go, what your needs are and we’ll do the rest – putting together a tailor made transport plan that takes you from A to B simply and efficiently.