Vic-Haven has an environment where our residents can experience independent and carefree living knowing that all their basic and emergency needs are taken care of of.

We have developed various housing opportunities where one may rent single or double rooms within the Assisted Living home (furnished and fully serviced) or one and two bed roomed duets which are fully self contained. As Vichaven is privately owned, we do not believe in “selling” life rights or sectional title units, but prefer to enter into long term contracts for rental of our facilities.


For those who enjoy being treated, our modern kitchen offers a full meal service in the Assisted Living home. Occupants of the non-self catering units delight in the culinary expertise that is presented in the dining room at least three times per day. The dining room seats 20 persons and our catering remains a culinary experience. Special dietary needs are also catered for on request. Our kitchen also accepts meal orders for those lazy days when our self catering unit occupants do not feel like cooking for themselves, or for the odd guest who would like to join our residents for a meal.


We have dedicated our village to the active retirement of our residents by building a “Wellness Centre” , with facilities such as a Sauna, Spa, and Splash Pool. This centre is available for use by residents. Besides the availability of our “Wellness” facilities, we encourage our occupants to maintain an active social lifestyle. As we have 9 hectares of land, we already cultivate our own vegetables and take pride in our extensive flower and acres of formal and informal gardens. As our gardens are quite large, a helping hand is always welcome and we actually encourage residents to adopt areas which are placed under their basic care. At “Vic-Haven” we believe that part of maintaining wellbeing during one’s retirement is in being able to remain active. Walking around the 1,2km perimeter of the farm is also a safe and enjoyable excursion.