The main development programme at Vichaven has now been completed, resulting in the provision of various facilities such as a wellness centre, pools, 1 and 2 bedroomed duets, and our small assisted living, retirement home.

Our wellness centre has been created for the sole use of our occupants and boasts a well appointed spa, sauna, splash pool and gym equipment. We also have a large outdoor pool and lapa, where our occupants can laze about or entertain their guests.


Gravity may be the biggest stumbling block to proper, sustained and meaningful exercise regimens for the elderly. On the other hand, the resistance that gravity provides can also be the most meaningful vehicle for strengthening our fitness.

The proper use of aquatic therapy, namely rehabilitation, prevention, health and wellness increases the benefits it has on these two groups and, indeed, anyone capable of working out in a water environment, with or without the aid of a therapist. Our Spa is intended just for that use and residents are encouraged to utilise these facilities.